Prison Escape
Prison block
HMP Shrewsbury is a Prison in Shrewsbury, England that has started running the world's first and only prison escape game.
The prison operated as a category B/C all male prison before it's closure in 2013. At the time it was the second most overcrowded prison in the United Kingdom and was known for the execution of 7 inmates between 1900 and 1951.
Since the closure of the prison, the doors have been opened to the public for several events and activities. Ghost tours, school visits, tunnel tours and even a 'prison experience' are available to book online as well as the prison escape event.
During the escape experience guests are locked in a cell and given a time limit by which they must escape. Participants are competing against the clock as well as each other to escape the prison first.  Actors are used to play prison guards and other prisoners who may give away valuable clues for the price of a bribe.
One method of escape is tunnelling out of the vicinity, although once caught their is the threat of; "being ‘thrown in the hole’ or even a death sentence!"
Tickets are available from the prison's official website: