Plokstine Missile Base
Outside Plokstine Missile Base
The Plokstine Missile base is located near Ploksciai village in Plokstine Forest in Samogitia, Lithuania.
The base was quietly constructed in 1960 in Žemaitija National Park. It consists of a network of undergroud tunnels linking 4 concrete silos which were used to house missiles. 4 concrete domes above ground, would move on rails in the even of a missile launch.
The missiles held in the base were R-12 Dvina missiles with nuclear warheads which luckily, were never fired as the site had the ability to reach virtually every country in Europe.
An electric fence surrounded the site in order to keep people out which had the ability to raise its voltage to 1700V in the event of a security breach.
Since the missile base's decommissioning after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the base has been turned into a cold war museum and allows visitors into one of the four missile silos.
Tours of the site run from its associated visitor's centre. More information can be found at: